Full Discography

  • Turn On The Bright Lights - OLE-545 - 2012-08-20
  • Antics - OLE-616 - 2004-09-28
  • Antics: The Special Edition - OLE-679 - 2005-08-23
  • Interpol - OLE-945 - 2010-09-07
  • Turn On The Bright Lights: The 10th Anniversary Edition - OLE-993 - 2012-12-11
Singles & EPs
  • Interpol - OLE-546 - 2002-06-04
  • Obstacle - OLE-570 - 2002-11-11
  • Say Hello To The Angels - OLE-582 - 2003-04-14
  • Obstacle 1 / Arthur Baker Remix - OLE-594 - 2003-09-15
  • Next Exit/Evil (Ltd. Ed. 7” Series #1) - OLE-630 - 2004-09-14
  • NARC/Take You On A Cruise (Ltd. Ed. 7” Series #2) - OLE-631 - 2004-09-17
  • Slow Hands/Not Even Jail (Ltd. Ed. 7” Series #3) - OLE-632 - 2004-09-21
  • Public Pervert/C’mere (Ltd. Ed. 7” Series #4) - OLE-633 - 2004-09-24
  • Length Of Love/A Time To Be So Small (Ltd. Ed. 7” Series #5) - OLE-634 - 2004-09-28
  • Slow Hands - OLE-636 - 2004-09-13
  • Evil - OLE-637 - 2004-09-13
  • C'mere - OLE-664 - 2005-04-11
  • Try It On Remixes EP - OLE-957 - 2011-07-12


There were no guarantees that Interpol would make another record. Following the departure of bassist Carlos Dengler at the end of sessions for their 2010 self-titled LP and a relentless marathon of more than 200 shows in support of it, the band's remaining members—guitarist Daniel Kessler, singer/guitarist Paul Banks, and drummer Sam Fogarino—took a break for most of 2012. For the first time, they all lived in different cities, providing both geographic and mental distance from all things Interpol.

Technically speaking, all things Interpol began at NYU in 1997, when Kessler recruited Dengler and Banks to form a band. "I didn’t care so much about talented musicians or having similar tastes in music as finding people with a certain sensibility," he remembers. In 2002, with Fogarino on drums, the band signed to Matador and released 'Turn On The Bright Lights,' which Pitchfork named the year's #1 album. Over the next decade, they would go on to release a trio of records that found them cracking the Top 5 on the Billboard 200; earning rave reviews from Rolling Stone to TIME along with performances on Letterman, Conan, Leno, and more; headlining major festivals like Lollapalooza and All Tomorrow's Parties; and touring with iconic bands including U2 and the Cure. They explored side and solo projects during their time apart, but ultimately found themselves drawn back together again, not by any expectations of returning to the studio, but rather by that same unshakable urge that brought them together in the first place, to let the music lead them where it may. 

"Paul and I got together for a short spell in August 2012, which was the first foray into seeing if we should do something," remembers Kessler. "We had no plans whatsoever. I certainly didn't have anything in my brain saying we had to do this. It was just us playing music to see if there was something there."

It quickly became apparent that there was indeed something there, something urgent and compelling, something revitalized and reenergized by their time apart.

"Paul started singing in that first day or two, which is great, because it doesn't always happen like that," remembers Kessler, who composes much of the music. "I think he had the chorus melody for 'My Desire' right off the bat, so there was this good energy. It felt very exciting, like this was the beginning of something." 

Those hot August days spent sweltering in an AC-less rehearsal space belonging to fellow NYC band Battles proved to be the birthing ground for 'El Pintor,' Interpol's fifth and most exhilarating studio album. It's a driving, relentless record, taut and epic in equal measure. It's also an album of firsts. 

"Carlos was a gigantic part of our band, and he contributed greatly to our records," Kessler explains. "So recording without Carlos was definitely a change. But we didn’t spend much time thinking about it, we just closed our circle and dealt with what was on the table."

That meant Banks stepping in to write and perform the bass parts for the first time.

"[Playing bass] came up organically as a result of having writer's block when I was working with Daniel with just a guitar," Banks told Rolling Stone. "He was playing me the music he'd written, and a lot of these chord progressions are open to interpretation in terms of music theory, and I found it very difficult to get any ideas on guitars or vocals. We had three rehearsals booked, and it was like, 'We're not doing anything because I can't think of anything on guitar, so either we cancel this or I bring a bass tomorrow and see what happens.' I brought a bass the next day and we were off and running. We wrote, 'Anywhere,' which is a pretty big song on the record, the following day."

With Banks on bass, "the songs started growing in identity," explains Kessler, who frequently found exciting and unexpected counterparts to his guitar riffs in Banks' bass lines during those early writing sessions. "It was sort of like a new band in that sense."

Fogarino joined rehearsals later, adding his resolutely tenacious percussion to the arrangements Kessler and Banks had worked up, and he immediately found himself surprised by what he heard.

"Daniel and Paul had been hashing out some stuff and had early arrangements when I came in," remembers Fogarino, "and within that week we had maybe three rough recordings of the songs. The fidelity wasn’t so good, but the performances were, and that was the first time it was just the three of us. It became apparent at that moment that this is what happens when you're a band for over ten years. I wasn’t expecting to be taken aback by it, but the marked change by our abilities as a band kind of punched me in the face. Just jumping into the fray not knowing what they'd been doing, that spoke volumes about how it's meant to be, how right we are together."

Recorded at the legendary Electric Lady Studios and the brand new Atomic Sound in NYC, 'El Pintor' kicks off with "All The Rage Back Home," a song that was actually born on the final day of the band's last tour, as Kessler stood on a balcony overlooking Buenos Aires. It's likely no coincidence, then, that the song signals a return to what Interpol does best, layering pulsing bass, bursts of guitar, and driving drums beneath Banks' instantly recognizable voice.

"My Desire" fell into place almost instantly during rehearsals with a throbbing beat and insistent guitar riffs that shoot off like flares into the night, while "Same Town, New Story" took on an entirely new identity in the studio, as Banks crafted up an unexpected melodic context for Kessler's laser-sharp guitar lines.

Lyrically, there's an air of darkness that weaves its way throughout the record. "This kind of shit don't heal in a week," Banks sings on "My Blue Supreme," and titles like "Twice As Hard" and "Everything Is Wrong" hint at a struggle for acceptance during difficult times, to not be "beaten by the weight of it," as he laments on "Ancient Ways."

In contrast with previous records, Interpol took a step back on 'El Pintor' and "let the songs happen," as Fogarino explains, embracing the patience it took to see where the music would lead them in its own due time. There may not have been any guarantees that they would record again, but the result is as accomplished and thrilling a collection as the band has ever released.

News From The Matablog

Interpol - 'Turn On The Bright Lights' 15th Anniversary European Tour



Interpol have confirmed a series of summer and autumn shows to mark the 15th anniversary of their landmark debut album, 2002's 'Turn On The Bright Lights' ; they'll be playing 'TOTBL' from front to back starting August 9 in Prague. There's no North American dates for this one, but thanks for asking!

Paul Banks, Daniel Kessler and Sam Fogarino are currently working on new material for a new album, tentatively scheduled for release via Matador in 2018.

Wednesday, August 9 - Prague, CZ - Lucerna Music Bar
Thursday, August 10 - Vienna, AT - Arena
Saturday, August 12 - Buftea, RO - Summer Well Festival
Sunday, August 13 - Belgrade, RS - Belgrade Fortress
Tuesday, August 15 - Budapest, HU - Sziget Festival
Wednesday, August 16 - Munich, DE - Muffathalle
Saturday, August 19 - Luxembourg, LU - Den Atelier
Sunday, August 20 - St. Malo, FR - La Route Du Rock
Tuesday, August 22 - Asolo, IT - AMA Music Festival
Wednesday, August 23 - Milan, IT - Carroponte
Friday, August 25 - Zurich, CH - Zurich Open Air Festival
Sunday, August 27 - Copenhagen, DK - The KoncerthusetTuesday, August 29 - Tilburg, NL - 013
Wednesday, August 30 - Groningen, NL - Oosterpoort
Friday, September 1 - London, UK - Alexandra Palace
Sunday, September 3 - Manchester, UK - Albert Hall
Tuesday, September 5 - Paris, FR - Le Trianon
Saturday, September 9 - Spain, ES - DCode Festival

Interpol - official site
Interpol - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Interpol YouTube channel


This weekend we have Belle and Sebastian, Interpol, The Thurston Moore Band and The New Pornographers performing at Primavera Sound in Portugal.

Two of these performances, Belle and Sebastian and The New Pornographers, will be live streamed here.


Friday June 5th
Belle & Sebastian

Saturday June 6th
The New Pornographers


Just a heads up for those lucky enough to be at Primavera Festival this weekend cos we have a TON of bands playing:

Belle and Sebastian, Fucked Up, Iceage, Interpol, The New Pornographers, Perfume Genius, The Thurston Moore Band and Tobias Jesso Jr are all appearing.  

A few of these performances will also be live streamed here. See bands and times below:


The New Pornographers: 19.30 - 20.25 Channel 1

Belle and Sebastian: 21.30 - 22.30 Channel 2


Fucked Up: 19.30 - 20.20 Channel 2

Interpol: 22.20 - 23.34 Channel 1


Below find the details on where to catch Matador bands during the second weekend of Coachella, which begins in a mere number of hours.

TOMORROW, Friday, April 9

Interpol – 7:25pm PST – Coachella Stage

Saturday, April 10

Perfume Genius – 1:55pm PST – Outdoor Theatre

Belle and Sebastian – 6:40 pm PST – Outdoor Theatre

This weekend with have a live broadcast from the festival on the AXS TV Network (with a replay within 24 hours for time zone purposes).

Relive last weekend's sets here: and


Interpol, April 9th, Coachella Stage

Perfume Genius, April 10th, Outdoor Theatre

(videos courtesy of Coachella)

Pre-blog News

7/10/07--Interpol back catalog on sale in honor of new album
Today marks the release of Interpol's third full length and first album not on Matador, "Our Love To Admire." To coincide with the release, the Matador Store is selling "Turn On The Bright Lights" and "Antics" CDs at a special sale price. Check it out HERE.

7/9/07--Interpol Ringtones Now Available
Matador Records is pleased to announce a new ringtones service. We currently have ringtones available from 11 artists, including Interpol, and more are coming soon. is the new home for all your Matador ringtones needs.

5/03/07 — "Our Love To Admire" coming in July on Capitol Records
Interpol will release their third album record July 10 on Capitol. It's called "Our Love To Admire," and more details can be found at Capitol Records' Interpol site.

9/01/06 — Interpol Sign To Capitol Records
After a very successful run on Matador Records, Interpol have made the decision to decamp for Capitol. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors, and, at the risk of repeating ourselves, we'll just say this one last time: building permits aren't what they used to be. You try building a tower in the shape of a stack of records in modern day New York and see if it gets approved.

11/12/05 — Remix EP coming; short film nominated for an Oscar
Interpol's 4 individual remixes from 'Antics' will shortly be available on the popular CD and 12" formats, under the title 'Interpol Remix.' The CDEP will be out on November 22. The super-deluxe accordion/box vinyl 4X12" set with laminated embossed sleeve (and the 4 original tracks as well as the 4 remixes) will be hitting stores on December 6.

Both formats are available for preorder from the Matador Store.

Finally, we're happy to mention that Talmadge Cooley's "Dimmer", one of the 10 winning Interpol short films from the Matador sponsored contest last Autumn, is under consideration for a Short Film Academy Award.

You can see "Dimmer" on the Interpol site, and also read the original story about the contest.

10/31/05 — QuickTime listening party for the Special Edition
With our typically impecable timing, the Interpol 'Antics: The Special Edition' QuickTime listening party is up. Click on the photo of Interpol to start the party. In my day, parties had food, drinks and non-disclosure agreements to sign afterwards, but perhaps I'm just showing my age.

09/06/05 — Final show of tour announced: NYC October 2nd
The final Interpol show of the tour has been announced. It will take place at Webster Hall on Sunday, October 2nd, with special guests Boom Bip and Child Ballads. Tickets are $31 and go on sale September 23rd.

07/27/05 — Antics: The Special Edition; Mexico, US Sept tour
On August 23, Matador will be re-releasing Interpol's universally beloved 2nd album as 'Antics: The Special Edition'.

title sticker by Mark Ohe
'Antics: The Special Edition' will include the following:

Bonus CD with "Song Seven" and one remix by each band member:

• Song Seven

• NARC (Paul Banks remix)
Engineered by Julian Plenti.

• Not Even Jail (Daniel Kessler remix)
Engineered by Datach'i.

• Fog. vs. Mould for the Length of Love
Remixed by Sam Fog. and Bob Mould at Bennett Studios
Additional Engineering by Brian Dozoretz.

• Public Pervert (Carlos D remix)
Engineered by James Mullen.

Plus the 3 Antics videos as QuickTime files

• Slow Hands - Directed by Daniel Levi
• Evil - Directed by Charlie White
• C'Mere - Directed by Associates in Science

Smarkpak in O-card with title sticker

We realize that some Interpol completists will feel cheated at having to purchase the same album twice, but we remind each and everyone of you, that you possess free will. You don't have to purchase anything. Heck, we used to employ Carrie McLaren, the whole anxiety-for-material-goods thing is something we're well versed in.

That said, we do think this is makes a great holiday gift. Like, Columbus Day, for instance. Preorder through the Matador Store and receive a $3 discount of the regular $13 price.

Later this fall, Interpol will be offering the remixes as a deluxe EP on CD and vinyl.

Interpol will be playing the following "don't call them secondary" markets this September.

9/9 - Grand Prarie TX - Nokia Theatre
9/10 - Kansas City MO - Uptown Theatre
9/11 - Denver CO - Fillmore Auditorium
9/12 - Salt Lake City UT - Kingsbury Hall
9/14 - Davis CA - Freeborn Hall
9/15 - San Jose CA - San Jose Civic Auditorium
9/17 - Peoria AZ - Peoria Sports Complex
9/18 - San Diego CA - SDSU Open Air Arena
9/19 - Las Vegas NV - The Joint
9/20 - Los Angeles CA - Greek Theatre
9/23 - Tulsa OK - Cain's Ballroom
9/24 - Champaign IL - Assembly Hall
9/25 - Ann Arbor MI - Michigan Theater
9/26 - Cleveland OH - Agora Theatre
9/28 - Toronto ON - Kool Haus
9/29 - Montreal QC - Metropolis
9/30 - Portland ME - State Theatre

In addition, Interpol will be playing Mexico for the first time, as follows:

9/5 - Mexico City - World Trade Center (capacity 7000, both shows sold out)
9/6 - Mexico City - World Trade Center
9/7 - Guadalajara - Foro Alterna

Our licensee in Mexico, Noiselab, will be re-releasing 'Turn On The Bright Lights' in that country with extra tracks "Interlude" and "Specialist," plus QuickTime versions of the three videos from that album, "PDA," "NYC" and "Obstacle 1."

06/08/05 — New song for 'Six Feet Under,' Pixies show
Currently in the midst of playing radio festivals across the US, Interpol have recorded a new song, "Direction" for inclusion on compilation CD 'Six Feet Under: Everything Ends, Music From The HBO Original Series - Vol. 2', coming out June 21 on Astralwerks.

Writes Daniel Kessler:

"We wrote this song specifically for the show and the soundtrack. We're all fans of Six Feet Under so we wanted to contribute something that wasn't just a new single, but a song that would work as an intrinsic part of the show. We wrote it during soundchecks on our last European tour and recorded & mixed it the day after returning from Europe. We're very happy with how it turned out and excited for people to hear it."

Later this month, Interpol are supporting the Pixies at Jones Beach (June 14) and are then off to the UK for stadium-style gigs supporting U2 and Coldplay (please check the tour dates section).

04/28/05 — Radio festivals; Leno again; new UK single
On the heels of their biggest UK and European headlining tour thus far, Interpol are back in the US playing the following radio festivals next month.

May 14: HFStival, Baltimore. M&T Stadium.
May 15:, Philadelphia (ex-Y100). Y100Rocks FEZtival Pier
June 3: Q101 Block Party, Chicago. New City YMCA.
June 4: Endfest14, Seattle. White River Amphitheatre.
June 5: KNRK Festival, Portland OR. Crystal Ballroom.
June 10: 99X Music Midtown, Atlanta. Main Stage.

with more to be announced.

The band will be making their 2nd appearance on NBC's 'Tonight Show With Jay Leno' since the release of 'Antics', performing "Evil" on the May 20 broadcast.

"C'mere," the 3rd UK single from 'Antics', entered the British charts at No. 19 last week. 'Antics' has since been certified Gold in the UK (100,000 sold) and is both Interpol's and Matador's first Gold record in that territory.

Interpol wil be making a one-off appearance on May 8 in Sunderland as part a live broadcast for the BBC's Radio One, then they'll return to the UK in June for stadium dates supporting U2 and Coldplay (check the tour dates section).

03/24/05 — Cover of Spin magazine; Coldplay, U2 dates
How do you get on the cover of Spin Magazine? Practice, practice, practice. In addition to their forthcoming April UK/EU dates with Spoon (see below), Interpol have announced the following June gigs in a variety of exotic settings.

June 10 - Atlanta - 99X Music Midtown with White Stripes
June 21 - Glasgow - Hampden Park with U2
June 22- Dublin - Marlay Pk with Coldplay
June 23- Dublin - Marlay Pk with Coldplay
June 25 - UK - Glastonbury Festival
June 26 - NED - Rock in Park
June 28 -London - Crystal Palace with Coldplay

Also, you can see this Saturday's show from the comfort of your laptop screen via's webcast of the concert.

02/14/05 — Tower Records NYC in-store signing
At 7 PM on Thursday, March 3, Interpol will be available at Tower Records to meet with fans and sign records. Tower 4th and Broadway in Greenwich Village, NYC. A limited-edition poster will be given away at the event while supplies last.

01/26/05 — Japan dates, Feb-Mar US dates, UK Silver Disc
the activity surrounding Interpol's recent comings and goings has been so tumultuous, we're tempted to make an analogy to a catastrophic natural disaster of biblical proportions. Tempted, but not willing to go all the way, of course.

In December, 'Antics' was certified as a Silver Disc in the UK (60,000 sales). In a customary showing of overconfidence, we've opted for the cheapest, ugliest plaque in the shop, knowing that we'll just have to do the whole thing over again when the album goes Gold. "Evil" recently became Interpol's first Top 20 single in the UK, and the band are on the brink of selling out two night's at the Brixton Academy in April.

Currently playing in Japan for the first time in ages, Interpol performed "Evil" on "The Late Show With David Letterman" last week to considerable acclaim (for one thing, Michael Powell resigned a few days later) and will grace the Tiffany Network's "Who The Heck Is Craig Ferguson?" (also known as "As Long As He's Not Craig Kilborn, Who Cares?") program on February 16.

Blonde Redhead have long since been confirmed as Interpol's support act for the February US tour; a second batch of East Coast dates starting in March will feature Q And Not U.

In the rarified air of "breaking news", Interpol have added a 2nd night at New York's Radio City Music Hall (March 2) to their sold-out March 1 date.

01/14/05 — Upcoming TV appearances
Interpol will be performing twice on national television in the next month: first on the Late Show With David Letterman, this coming Tuesday evening the 18th, on CBS at 11:35 AM. Then they'll be on the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (formerly Craig Kilborn), on Wednesday, February 16th, also on CBS, at 12:35 AM.

01/10/05 — "Evil" video
The "Evil" video, directed by photographer Charlie White, has been posted on the music and video page.

12/15/04 — "Evil" single; new dates
After a quick jaunt back to the US for some West Coast radio festivals, Interpol are currently in the UK completing headlining dates with Secret Machines in support. 'Antics' was just certified Silver in the UK, making it the first Matador title to be awarded any kind of metal status (other than tin) since the label rigged Liz Phair's first two albums to go gold in 1996. But in all seriousness, congratulations to Interpol and our sincere thanks to those of you in the UK who have worked on the project, both our goodlooking West London staff and our brainy friends on Alma Road. And of course, thanks to those of you who have actually bought the album.

In the UK, Matador will be releasing a CD / 7" of "Evil" , the second single from 'Antics', on January 3, along with the requisite bonus tracks that hardworking news sites are posting the details of at this very moment. Said single will available via Matador Direct on February 8. The deeply disturbing/entertaining "Evil" video, directed by Charlie White, has already premiered on M2 in the UK, and you'll be staring at it online and on TV in the US before long.

Please check our tour dates section as a number of February US dates are currently on sale, with more being added in the days ahead. Interpol have dates at Tokyo and Osakas's Clubs Quattro scheduled for January 25 and 26, with tickets going on sale this Saturday.

Jan 25 - Tokyo, JP - Club Quattro
Jan 26 - Osaka, JP - Club Quattro
Feb 7 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogart's
Feb 8 - Lawrence, KS - Liberty Hall
Feb 9 - Denver CO - Fillmore

11/16/04 — Later with Jools Holland; new Spaces
After a gruelling, sold-out US tour, Interpol are headed to the UK this week for headlining dates, along with an appearance on BBC2's 'Later With Jools Holland' this Friday night, November 19 at 11:30. After some West Coast radio festivals in December, we'll be plotting the campaign for the album's next single. "Evil," with accompanying video, early 2005 touring, etc.

photo by Dean Clyne
Following the band's recent appearance on ABC's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' live versions of "Slow Hands", "Evil" and "Narc" are exclusively available for download from Sony Connect.

While the Interpol spaces in LA, NY and London have officially closed, Interpol's French imprint, Labels informs us that the Parisian gallery space, located at Agnes B, will remain open through November 30. The Berlin gallery space, location to be announced, will open on December 7 and close on December 21.

Agnes B
118 Rue Du Mont
Cenis 75891
tel. 33 56 55 74 16

Talmage Cooley, director of the popular 'Pol Pot's Birthday,' returns with his Interpol Short Film Contest winner Dimmer, a short documentary about a gang of blind kids in Buffalo, New York. The screening takes place Tuesday, November 16, 8pm at the Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA.

All the short films, including 'Dimmer,' are currently being put up on the Antics OpenDisc site week by week. To access OpenDisc, put your copy of 'Antics' into your computer and doubleclick the OpenDisc icon. If you're using Mac OS X 10.3.5 and are having problems accessing the site, download this patch.

Does it strike anyone else as a bit clumsy for a free paper whose political content falls somewhere to the right of Dick Armey to be making unfunny jokes about the Bush twins being Interpol fans?


10/14/04 — "Slow Hands" video posted
Watch the video for "Slow Hands," directed by Daniel Levi, on the music and video page.

10/04/04 — Interpol - the amazing story
if you're not aware that the most stirring album of the autumn --- Interpol's 'Antics' --- came out last week, well, than we've not done our job. I don't wanna accuse you of living under a rock --- some rocks provide very nice shade, for instance --- but the band looked and sounded amazing (not necessarily in that order) performing "Slow Hands" on "The Tonight Show" last Friday, a day after a wild opening party for the Los Angeles Interpol space (coming on the heels of similar installations in New York and London). Catch them on Conan this Friday. After some manic scenes at sold out gigs in London last month, Interpol kick off their US tour this week in Boston, MA, with UK dates selling fast for November.

photo by Jelle Wagenaar
Without making a too big a deal of it, we'd like to mention that 'Antics' entered the UK and Australian charts at no. 21 last week. So there you have it. Matador - home of the top 22 chart entry.

There's a lot to chew on, marketing-wise with this project, so in all seriousness, let's take an hour or two just to listen to 'Antics' from start to finish a few times and let the whole thing to sink in. Snipe campaigns are great (almost as good as snipe hunts. or snipers) and if we had our way, the video for 'Slow Hands' would get more play than the Zapruder film (which if memory serves correct, wasn't considered "buzzworthy" at the time). But the bottom line is, Interpol have made an album that we're gonna be listening to for a very long time.

In other news, INTERPOL SPACE NYC has been extended through Saturday, October 23, and INTERPOL SPACE LOS ANGELES has been extended through Friday, October 29. Some 7" box sets and posters are still available at each location.

NOTE: The LA space now has new hours: Mon-Fri 11 AM-6 PM. If you have any questions, please call them at (213) 383-9299.

09/23/04 — The 7" box is the ALBUM on five vinyl singles
We may not have made it clear below that the 7" box set is the new Interpol album, 'Antics,' spread out over five 7"es. If you live in one of the Space cities, this gives you the opportunity to own most of the record before it comes out, and ultimately to own it in a particularly beautiful limited vinyl edition.

Free "Slow Hands" ringtone
Get a free ringtone (monophonic or polyphonic) of "Slow Hands" by registering for the Interpol text message list. By registering, you'll receive email news from the band, announcements of shows, and more, sent directly to your phone. This is a US-only offer. Click here.

09/16/04 — Limited-edition 7" box set, silkscreen posters
The first of the five 7"es in the limited-edition box set of the album, "Next Exit"/"Evil", came out on Tuesday; the second 7", "NARC"/"Take You On A Cruise", comes out tomorrow, Friday. Full release schedule below images.

Click on the images for a more detailed view:

Tue, Sept 14: Next Exit / Evil
Fri, Sept 17: NARC / Take You On A Cruise
Tue, Sept 21: Slow Hands / Not Even Jail
Fri, Sept 24: Public Pervert / C'mere
Tue, Sept 28: Length Of Love / A Time To Be So Small PLUS slipcase

The 7"es are currently only available as they come out this month on Tuesdays and Fridays in the Interpol Spaces in New York and Los Angeles.

At the London Space, the entire box set will be available all at once on Monday, September 27, the UK release date for the album.

Prices are $5 for each 7", $25 for the box, in the US, including tax. Quantities are 750 for each space. There will be no further copies manufactured when these sell out, and they will not be available for sale anywhere except the Interpol Spaces.

In addition, limited screen-printed posters of each band member by Shepard Fairey are available exclusively at the Spaces. They are signed by the artist and strictly limited to 500 worldwide. US price is $30 each, $100 for the set. These will be available at all five Spaces (including Paris and Berlin when those open later in the year):

09/09/04 — Interpol Spaces, remixes, OpenDisc, much more
The global frenzy surrounding the September 28 release of 'Antics' continues to grow. The album's first single, "Slow Hands" is currently available as an exclusive download from Apple's iTunes, with a CD/7" single coming out on September 13 via Matador UK, backed with remixes courtesy of Dan The Automater and Britt Daniel of Spoon. If you're in the US, you can order this from the Matador Store (scroll to 'Interpol' on the pop-up menu).


INTERPOL SPACE Revealed: (Sep 9th, 2004)

Not a traditional white-walled gallery, not a retail establishment nor an Interpol clubhouse but a more indefinable space to play host to the vision of the band and band's close associates.

The spaces will not be a museum to the band but rather an interactive experience. The interior and exterior will be completely inspired by Interpol, with the bands' artistic friends and acquaintances running the Interpol aesthetic through their own unique filters: from limited edition poster sets and space design/art prints by Shepard Fairey (Obey/Giant), to a custom neon sign designed by Lite Brite Neon (Brooklyn, NY), to ten band-commissioned short films to a host of other things.

The NYC, LA and London spaces will also act as the exclusive distribution point for a variety of Interpol-related merchandise which will include a limited boxset of 7" singles to be released one at a time over the course of the space's opening (in London the box will be available as a complete set). The spaces will also play host to parties/events to celebrate the release of the record.

199 Lafayette Street, New York, NY
September 10 - October 9
Tuesday through Sunday 1-8pm

September 13 - October 3
Subliminal Projects Space
3780 Wilshire Blvd. #210
Monday - Friday 11am-6pm
Saturday 1-5pm
If you would like to come later, please call the number above to check on extended hours.

The Ragged School
47 Union Street
London SE1
September 23 to 27

Location TBA

Location TBA
The video for "Slow Hands," directed by Daniel Levi, can be seen on MTV and other video outlets this month.

Interpol will be on NBC's "Tonight Show with Jay Leno", Friday October 1st, and then on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," Friday October 8th

Prior to that, the band will be making instore appearances at the following locations the week of release:

Monday, sept 27
Los Angeles, CA
Virgin Sunset at midnight

Tuesday, sept 28
San Diego, CA
Lou's Records at 1 PM

Wednesday, sept 29
San Francisco, CA
Virgin Megastore at 8 PM

On October 26, the band will perform on ABC-TV's Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Following Interpol's US trek in support of the Cure, the band are heading to London for an XFM live broadcast from the ICA on September 13, followed by a sold out gig at the Scala the following night. They'll return to the UK in November for headlining shows in larger rooms.

Interpol's Autumn US tour will include the following dates:

11- Boston - Avalon
12-Montreal - Metropolis
13- Toronto - The Docks
15-Detroit - State Theater
16-Columbus - Newport Music Hall
17-Chicago - Riviera Theatre
19-Minneapolis - First Avenue
22-Seattle - Paramount Theatre
23-Vancouver - Commodore Ballroom
24-Portland - Crystal Ballroom
25-San Francisco - Warfield Theatre
27-Los Angeles - The Wiltern
28-Los Angeles - The Wiltern
29-San Diego - Soma
30-Tempe(AZ) - Marquee Theatre

01-Dallas - Gypsy Ballroom
02-Austin - Stubbs
04-Atlanta - Coca Cola Roxy Theatre
05-Asheville - The Orange Peel
07-Philadelphia - Electric Factory
08-Providence - Lupo's at the Strand
09-Washington DC - 930 Club
11-New York - Hammerstein Ballroom
12-New York - Hammerstein Ballroom

Secret Machines support on all dates except the second Hammerstein show. Tickets go on sale Saturday, September 11.

The new and improved Interpol site is up now atÝ and we encourage you to burn holes in your corneas staring at it for long stretches.

The commercial release of 'Antics' on CD will feature enhanced content via OpenDisc technology. Since most of you are probably wondering "just what is OpenDisc?", we've prepared answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about this exciting new advancement in recorded media.

Q: When I insert an OpenDisc CD into my laptop, will hologram images of Interpol appear in my bedroom?

A: Possibly. We're not really sure.

Q: Is OpenDisc anything like an Open Relationship?

A: No, and for the record, those things never work out --- especially if you're Nicholas Cage.

Q: Are you worried at all that someone might confuse OpenDisc technology (TM) with OpenDick?

A: We are deeply worried about this, yes.

For a $3 discount on preorders of 'Antics', click here. This offer ends on release date.


09/01/04 — More tour dates announced
See the tours page.

08/30/04 — Album site launches; new bio, fall tour dates
Check out for tons of special goodies and all the latest info on the upcoming album. Plus the new bio has been posted, along with the first batch of fall tour dates (many more to come).

07/19/04 — Cure tour, film contest winners
Interpol head out on the Curiosa tour later this month, followed by some intimate London gigs in early September. Headlining dates in North America for the autumn will be announced very soon.

After reviewing some 500 entries, Interpol have picked the 10 winners of the Short Film Contest.

Gregory Brunkalla
Talmage Cooley
David Fenster
Zach Freyer
Joey Ingram and Josh Mahan
Ty Roberts
Michael Robinson
T. Sutton
Richard Sylvarnes
Christina Vantzos

Thanks to everyone for participating. You'll have a chance to see the finished films in various environments around the release of the record.

07/16/04 — Photos and album artwork
The handsome slipcase package for 'Antics' has been posted above (click the image for a larger version), as well new band photos in the gallery.

06/17/04 — New album title and track listing
The new Interpol album is entitled 'Antics' and will be released by Matador Records on September 28.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Next Exit
2. Evil
4. Take You On A Cruise
5. Slow Hands
6. Not Even Jail
7. Public Pervert
8. C'mere
9. Length Of Love
10. A Time To Be So Small

05/13/04 — Short film contest
Participate in a contest to win funding to make a short film inspired by Interpol. Winners will also receive exclusive early music from the band (currently in the studio) as well as other tidbits.

Breaking news: deadline extended to July 5 for handing in treatments.

03/25/04 — Exclusive single on iTunes

Matador's first Internet Single is an Interpol instrumental entitled "Interlude", currently available exclusively on the iTunes Music Store. ole-9000.jpg
03/10/04 — Interpol in 2004
Though we don't have any news for you yet concerning the recording of Interpol's 2nd album, we will do our best to make sure said information is available here within 72 hours of someone else publishing it. In the meantime, you can purchase an exclusive Interpol track, "Interlude", a 59 second instrumental recorded during the 'Turn On The Bright Lights' sessions, at the iTunes Music Store. That's a price of about 1 and two-thirds cents per second, which is far less then you'd pay for a peep show, or for a telephone conversation with Tom Candiotti.

A peep show featuring Tom Candiotti, however, would be even more expensive, so be careful with those credit cards.

10/28/03 — Vote for the "NYC" video at MTV
The video for "NYC", directed by award-winning filmmaker Doug Aitken, is up against the RZA and Jhene at the site for "Viewers Pick Video". The winner will get added into regular rotation at the channel. So please go there and vote!


09/18/03 — Shortlist Awards, new remix, tour selling out
As our flashy UK street poster campaign will confirm, the CDS/7" and DVD single of "Obstacle 1" is out today in Great Britain, the former 2 formats featuring the wild Arthur Baker remix. You can order it from the store.

Interpol's biggest North American tour to date commences tomorrow, September 16 in Montreal. One of the highlights is certain to be September 20, at Devore's Hyundai Pavilion when Interpol appear alongside The Cure, Duran Duran, Echo & The Bunnymen and other examples of "they look really good for their age" at KROQ's Inland Invasion.

Another upcoming BIG DEAL event is the Shortlist Music Awards ceremony, taking place at Los Angeles's Wiltern Theatre on October 5. Interpol will be performing alongside fellow Shortlist finalists Cat Power, Damian Rice, The Black Keys and Bright Eyes. Other finalist nominees for this prestigious prize include Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Streets, Cody Chestnutt, Floetry and Sigur Ross. Judges for this beauty contest include Tom Waits, Cameron Crowe, Chris Martin, Perry Farrell, Josh Homme, Amir Thompson, Nic Harcourt, Pete Yorn, The Neptunes, Tori Amos, Mos Def, Dave Matthews, Musiq, Spike Jonze, the Chemical Brothers and Flea. We congratulate them on their excellent taste (assuming Chan or Interpol win). The whole shebang is meant to be broadcast on M2 later in October.

Interpol's NYC date at the Hammerstein Ballroom (October 15) is sold out. A headlining gig at Roseland has just been confirmed for October 21 (tickets go on sale September 16)

07/25/03 — Video Music Awards nomination, fall tour dates
North American fall tour dates are finally trickling in. Keep checking the tours page to see when they're playing your town. Exclusive ticket presales are available through the official Interpol site.

And in even bigger news, Interpol's video for "PDA", directed by Christopher Mills, has been nominated for an MTV Video Music Award! The category is the MTV2 Award, and the winner in this category is determined by viewer votes, so go to and VOTE! The competition is AFI, Common, Queens of the Stone Age and the Roots, so Interpol should be a shoo-in. The ceremony will take place at Radio City Music Hall in New York on August 28.

07/22/03 — Pepsi Smash! taping complete, see it on the 30th
Check out Interpol performing on the new WB music show Pepsi Smash! Airing next Wednesday, July 30, at 9 PM.

06/26/03 — bigger than Darko Milicic & Yao Ming combined
After a spate of US radio festivals, Interpol played a sold out show at London's Shepards Bush Empire this past Monday night, prior to making their way to Pilton, England for this weekend's Glastonbury festival. Full details about the forthcoming UK release of the "Obstacle 1" multi-format single + remixes will be available soon. If not here, then probably from another source. Let's face it, the guy writing this stuff types soooooo slowly this stuff would go up faster if he was writing on the back of a shovel.

05/20/03 — Radio Festivals, Jimmy Kimmel
Amidst a score of US radio festivals and overseas open-air events, Interpol will be returning to the small screen on Monday, June 16 when they appear on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Show. We've been assured that Mike Tyson will not be co-hosting that night, but hopefully he'll be watching from home. BREAKING NEWS: CANCELED!

A multi-format single of "Obstacle 1", including remixes by Arthur Baker, is coming via Matador UK in September to coincide with Interpol's Carling Weekend dates in Reading and Leeds. If you've not noticed previously, the Floria Sigismondi-directed clip for "Obstacle 1" is up on our video page in streaming Real Player glory.

04/21/03 — New single and tour dates

The UK double A-side single "Say Hello to the Angels" b/w "NYC" is finally out and available from the Matador Store in both 7" and CD5. The CD5 comes with one extra track, the demo version of "NYC" from 2001. ole-582.jpg
At the same time, Interpol have announced tons of new tour dates, mainly festivals in the US, UK and Europe. They'll be hitting Coachella, Field Day, Glastonbury, Roskilde, Reading, tons of US radio station shindigs, and everywhere in between. Keep an eye on the ever-evolving Tours page for updates, because more shows will be added.

04/16/03 — Field Dayinterpolrobin1sm.jpg
Saturday, June 7th Interpol will be playing the Field Day music, arts & camping festival in Calverton, New York, on the North Fork of Long Island. Also on the bill that day are Spiritualized, Dashboard Confessional, Underworld, Beck, Radiohead, the Raveonettes and many others. Pre-sale tickets are available from 10 AM today through 9 PM tomorrow evening. The password is B0030 (case-sensitive).

04/14/03 — Embedding Interpol
Following Interpol's appearances on the cover of Magnet and the New Musical Express, some pundits have criticised Matador's use of embedded reporters during the band's campaign. And while it is true that allowing journalists to travel with Interpol and observe their difficult tasks at such close proximity lends itself to particularly biased coverage, we at America's Favorite Record Company would prefer to see it as the natural result of what happens when we extend our subscription to both publications. (for 3000 years).

Interpol have a big list of famous bands they'll have to blow off the stage at Coachella in a few weeks time, following that they'll be preparing for some US radio festivals and appearances at the Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds festivals throughout the summer. Paul, Carlos, Daniel and Sam can have some time off very soon. Once we're done cloning them.

Just one happy loving family gathered backstage at Irving Plaza in March.

02/14/03 — Interpol on Leno
Next Thursday, February 20, catch Interpol on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. They'll be fitting this into their incredibly busy schedule as they tour down the West Coast. Plus catch them interviewing on radio stations in just about every town. Don't know the tour schedule? Check the tour page.

02/03/03 — The latest
In the wake of appearances on 'Late Nite With David Letterman' and 'Carson Daly Is On Daily' (ed note: Nils, please fact-check this program name, I don't want any of those TV booking people blackballing our bands for another 5 years again. I swear I'll kill myself if that happens), Interpol have another round of US touring scheduled to start in mid February. Those dates will immediately follow Interpol's participation in the ongoing NME Awards Tour of the UK, alongside the Datsuns, Polyphonic Spree and The Thrills. Anybody else think that the Polyphonic Killing Spree is a better name for a band? Shame they didn't ask me.

Portions of Interpol's set tonight (afternoon for those of us in the US) will be broadcast on the BBC's Radio One during the Lamacq Live show (5pm EST, 10pm BST). 8 days later, Interpol will be performing live at London's Virgin Megastore at 2pm, Sunday, February 9.

On April 7, Matador Europe will be releasing a 7"/CD single of "Say Hello To The Angels" backed with a demo version of "NYC" and one to-be-determined track on the CD. Said single will be available in the US via Matador's direct retail arm and via online sales through our US and Europe shops.

Interpol's website has relaunched with a superelegant new look and lots of new stuff:

11/19/02 — NYC dates, new single
Following the completion of their first full-scale US and European tours in support of one of 2002's hottest albums,'Turn On The Bright Lights', Interpol have confirmed 3 Christmas shows back home in NYC.

12/19 - Bowery Ballroom (w/ The Caulfield Sisters) 16+
12/20 - Bowery Ballroom (w/ Calla) 18+
12/21 - Bowery Ballroom (w/ The Caulfield Sisters and The Stills) 12+

That's the good news. The bad news is that these shows might already be sold out, so you'd better move fast. Also check the tour update for other dates in the US in December. Another full tour is planned for January-February.

A UK-only 7"/CDS of "Obstacle 1" with non-album b-sides is currently available on Matador. If you are in North America, you can order it from the Matador Store.

And if you are in Europe, you can order it from the newly established Matador Mail Order at Beggars Group UK.

If you are anywhere else, you can order it from the webstore location nearest to you! The single will also be available on import from US stores who deal with Matador direct.

A video for "PDA" can be viewed here.

Finally, congratulations to Interpol's Daniel Kessler on being picked as one of the NME's 50 Coolest People in rock. Even if the concept of a "50 Coolest" list is totally juvenile and most of the other candidates were totally predictable.

09/05/02 — US tour begins and that's the least of it
Let's review this week's highlights, shall we?

"Turn On The Bright Lights" is out now on CD and LP and more than a few of you seem to agree with us that this is the debut album of 2002.

Videos for "PDA" and "NYC" will available soon for viewing from this site and other locations.

A CD single and 7" of "Obstacle 1" backed with recordings from the band's recent KCRW sessions will be released by Matador in the UK this October. Imports will be available through Matador direct stores and via the Matador Store on the website.

Nationwide U.S.dates are just starting; UK dates to follow in October.

08/01/02 — as press accolades for the sharply dressed NY foursome continue to pile up to our ceilings, Interpol completed a promotional trip to the UK which featured some headlining club dates along with a big show at London's Shepard's Bush Empire supporting Cornelius.

A mysterious cameraman has donated footage of a performance at the Camden Monarch, and we have quicktime clips of "Untitled" and "PDA". Sorry about the audio quality, but the cameraman tells us he's not being paid enough to hold a microphone and a camera at the same time, something about a sore shoulder. He ought to get that looked at.

Interpol were just in Los Angeles working on videos for "NYC" and "PDA", the latter with director Doug Aitken. 'Turn On The Bright Lights' (CD/LP) is coming August 20.

07/03/02 — UK dates begin, US action starts in August
The New York quartet are currently on a promotion visit to London featuring a handful of club dates and an eventual July show at the Shepherds Bush Empire supporting Cornelius. We should have video footage from one of the earlier shows up on this site by the time of the next update. Interpol's full-length debut CD/LP, 'Turn On The Bright Lights' will be out on August 20.

04/26/02 — We at Matador are pleased to announce that New York City’s Interpol have joined the label. The first release will be a beautifully packaged self-titled EP at the tasty list price of $3.98, in stores June 4th. Their debut full-length will follow in late August. In addition, catch Interpol opening for Belle and Sebastian at the second NYC show, May 6 at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Interpol will also be headlining the Bowery Ballroom in New York on May 28, with American Analog Set supporting. Please visit Interpol’s website.




We at Matador are pleased to announce that New York City’s Interpol have joined the label. The first release will be a beautifully packaged self-titled EP at the tasty list price of $3.98, in stores June 4th. Their debut full-length will follow in late August. In addition, catch Interpol opening for Belle and Sebastian at the second NYC show, May 6 at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Interpol will also be headlining the Bowery Ballroom in New York on May 28, with American Analog Set supporting. Please visit Interpol’s website.

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