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Majical Cloudz is centered around Montreal songwriter Devon Welsh, who joined with Matthew Otto to collaboratively produce and perform his songs.

In May 2012, Majical Cloudz released II, an album of Welsh’s vocal melodies largely buried under impressionistic synths, loops, samples, and snippets. The album was followed in December by the Turns Turns Turns EP, an audacious distillation of Welsh’s ideas that brought his vocals to the fore. “Musically, I wanted to try saying ‘no’ to possibilities, and create negative space in the songs,” he says. “To put the emphasis on the voice and lyrics.”

Pitchfork said the EP “trusts in simple pop melodies and never feels a need to obscure the most enjoyable elements of these songs.” (The song “What That Was” was named Best New Track.)

Impersonator brings Welsh’s songs into even sharper focus; its expressive power and swagger belie the extremely minimal music. These are intensely lyrical songs about death, patience, family, friendship, and desire, with Welsh’s rich vocals atop quiet looped waves of white noise, filtered synths and sparse thuds.

Welsh expounds on how he came to his personal, minimal brand of electronic music:

In the last few years there’s been a massive explosion of amazing music made with computers, samplers and other electronic equipment. The possibilities became nearly endless and musicians indulged those possibilities. I love that kind of music but it also started to overwhelm me. I wasn’t cut out for the maximalist expressions of that style. So I took a break from music, and when I started again it was to make music that barely existed and felt like stillness more than movement. Where the songs could be more about humanness. I love all forms of electronic music, techno, house, rave, hip-hop, but I never want to feel like the music I’m making is just about stylistic play. The easiest way for me to do that is try to make something without obvious movement; where the music isn’t overstuffed sonically or referentially, it’s emptied out as much as possible. So the vision for Impersonator was to communicate a lot with as little as possible. It’s not meant to energize and turn you out to the world, it’s meant to do the opposite; it’s more like a cocoon.

Most of Impersonator was written at Welsh’s father’s house in rural Ontario, in the basement after he went to sleep. He says, “One day I realized I had 15-20 songs, and they made me feel like I had overcome the dead end I thought I was in. I started realizing that I could say anything I want in a song.

Welsh cites Elliott Smith and Arthur Russell as the two biggest influences on his songwriting. While Impersonator sounds like neither, Smith’s lyricism is evident, as is Russell’s ability to distill a number of seemingly contradictory stylistic ideas into a single focussed statement. Other albums Welsh listened to while writing Impersonator point to the diversity embedded in Impersonator’s deceptively simple approach: Kurt Vile’s Smoke Ring For My Halo, Drake’s Take Care, Oneohtrix Point Never’s Replica, Grouper’s AIA, Kraftwerk’s Trans-Europe Express, Paul Simon’s Paul Simon, John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band.

While Welsh and Otto work collaboratively in the studio, live Welsh is front and center on the mic, as Otto creates the musical atmosphere. “I put forward songs and big ideas, and he pushes me to look at the little details,” says Welsh. “Live it’s a similar dynamic, he gives me the platform to stand on musically.” The songs are made with relatively low-tech means, allowing for spontaneity and experimentation, both live and in-studio.

“Turns Turns Turns”, the only song from the EP to appear on the album, illustrates Welsh and Otto’s working process: “I made a loop out of an older song I’d written on guitar, with vocals that were much less assured. Once we started playing it live it came together the way it is now. Matt did a lot with the atmosphere of the song, like the single synth note in the chorus.” Likewise, “Mister” - a song about “the struggle to be good to people when you don’t like yourself” - began as a quiet song with buried vocals, which only took life onstage: “It became clear that it could be much more powerful. I added the chorus after playing it live a few times, and Matt’s production turned it from something more mellow into a song with a lot of energy.”

For Welsh, the track “This Is Magic” works as a metaphor for the album as a whole: “That song functions with very minimal arrangements, very straightforward lyrics, it operates on a loop, and the message is that there is strength, rather than weakness, in being vulnerable.”

Though they stand stylistically apart from other artists in their Montreal scene - which includes Grimes, Doldrums, Blue Hawaii, Mac DeMarco, and others - Majical Cloudz are proud beneficiaries of its camaraderie. “The waves that are being made internationally by Montreal musicians really started in the fall of 2009, so the fact that it is finally happening is unbelievable and I’m euphoric about it,” says Welsh. “I don’t think I could find an art/music scene as rewarding to me anywhere else, because I think it takes a while to get comfortable being vulnerable in front of a whole community.”

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Majical Cloudz - New DIgital EP, 'Wait & See', Tour Commences Tonight

(photo by Rocco Avalone)

'Wait & See', a new, 5-song digital EP from Majical Cloudz is available today via your favorite download and streaming services.  Devon Welsh's thoughts on the subject can be found after the links below  : 


Hi, We put together this “EP” of songs that we recorded when we were working on “Are You Alone?”, but which didn’t fit on that album for one reason or another. They aren’t more recent than the songs on AYA — they date from different periods of time, one of them is among the earliest songs written for AYA and others are more recent. Despite the fact that it’s a collection of songs that didn’t make the record, I think there is a feeling that links them all together (which is maybe why they didn’t fit on AYA). We hope you enjoy these songs! We are going on tour in North America and then in Australia in January and February. These are the only dates we have planned right now, so if you want to see us, definitely try to come out to one of these shows. I know some of them are sold out. We tried to move the show into bigger venues where we could (and we did in Vancouver) but in some cases we couldn’t make it happen. So sorry if the show is sold out and you wanted to come. She-Devils are going to be supporting us on all our shows in North America, which is really exciting. They are really good, so if you’re coming to the shows make sure to come early enough to see them. It will be our first time in Australia, and it’s difficult to imagine the next time I will be back there (through music or not) so if you’re in Australia and are into our band, this is the time to see us! Okay!
Friday, January 15 - The Garrison, Toronto ON (sold out)* Saturday, January 16 - UFO Factory, Detroit MI * Monday, January 18 - Schubas, Chicago IL (SOLD OUT)* Tuesday, January 19 - Music Hall Of Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY * Friday, January 22 - Cobalt, Vancouver BC* Saturday, January 23 - Barboza, Seattle WA* Sunday, January 24 - Mississippi Studios, Portland OR* Tuesday, January 25- The Chapel, San Francisco CA * Friday, January 29 - Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever, Los Angeles CA * 2/5/16 - St. Jerome's Laneway Festival, Adelaide SA, Australia Saturday, February, 6 - St. Jerome's Laneway Festival, Brisbane QLD, Australia Sunday, February, 7 - St. Jerome's Laneway Festival, Sydney NSW, Australia Monday, February, 8 - Newtown Social Club, Newtown NSW, Australia Thursday, February, 11 - Forum Theatre, Melbourne VIC, Australia Friday, February, 12 - The Toff, Melbourne VIC, Australia Saturday, February, 13 - St. Jerome's Laneway Festival, Footscray VIC, Australia Sunday, February, 14 - St. Jerome's Laneway Festival, Fremantle WA, Australia Thursday, March, 10 - La Sala Rossa, Montreal QC, Canada (* - support from She-Devils) Order ‘Are You Alone?’ from The Matador Store, iTunes or Amazon. Majical Cloudz online : official site Facebook Twitter Instagram Soundcloud

Out Today : Majical Cloudz - Are You Alone?

The hotly anticipated new album from Majical Cloudz, 'Are You Alone?'  is available in better record shops and thru digital retailers today (Friday, October 16).   Devon and Matthew's updated tour schedule (including  a recently added January 19 at Music Hall Of Williamsburg) can be found below, with things kicking off tomorrow night in Toronto. 

10/17 - Smiling Buddha, Toronto ON
10/21 - National Sawdust, Brooklyn NY
10/22 - Halifax Pop Explosion, Halifax NS
10/23 - Phi Centre, Montreal QC
11/7 - Middlebury College, Middlebury VT
11/18 - St Johns on Bethnal Green, London UK
11/20 - L’Archipel, Paris FR
11/23 - Botanique Rotonde, Brussels BE
11/25 - Acud Club, Berlin DE
1/15/16 - The Garrison, Toronto ON
1/18/16 - Schubas, Chicago IL
1/19/16 - Music Hall Of Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY 
1/22/16 - Cobalt, Vancouver BC
1/23/16 - Barboza, Seattle WA
1/24/16 - Mississippi Studios, Portland OR
1/26/16 - The Chapel, San Francisco CA
1/29/16 - Hollywood Forever, Los Angeles  CA

Order ‘Are You Alone?’ from The Matador Store, iTunes or Amazon.

Majical Cloudz online :
official site

VIDEO : Majical Cloudz - "Downtown"

Another Majical Cloudz video directed by Devon Welsh and Neil Corcoran was released this morning.  "Downtown" is the last single from Are You Alone? before the album's official release on October 16th. There are quite a bit of new tour dates listed below for later this year and early next. Take note and make plans accordingly. 

Majical Cloudz on tour :

10/17 - Smiling Buddha, Toronto, ON
10/21 - National Sawdust, Brooklyn, NY
10/22 - Halifax Pop Explosion, Halifax, NS
10/23 - Phi Centre, Montreal. QC
11/7 - Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT
11/18 - St Johns on Bethnal Green, London, UK
11/20 - L’Archipel, Paris, FR
11/23 - Botanique Rotonde, Brussels, BE
11/25 - Acud Club, Berlin, DE
1/15/16 - The Garrison, Toronto, ON
1/16/16 - TBA, Detroit, MI
1/18/16 - Schubas, Chicago, IL
1/22/16 - Cobalt, Vancouver, BC
1/23/16 - TBA, Seattle, WA
1/24/16 - Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR
1/26/16 - The Chapel, San Francisco, CA
1/29/16 - TBA, Los Angeles, CA

Preorder ‘Are You Alone?’ from The Matador Store, iTunes or Amazon.

Majical Cloudz online :
official site


(Devon Welsh photo by Sarah O’Driscoll)

The title track from the upcoming Majical Cloudz album 'Are You Alone?' was released earlier this morning. This is the second song released from the new album, which will be out officially on October 16th.

Majical Cloudz are playing NYC’s Nation Sawdust on October 21. Tickets are available here.

Preorder ‘Are You Alone?’ from The Matador Store, iTunes or Amazon.

Majical Cloudz online :
official site

VIDEO : Majical Cloudz - "Silver Car Crash"

(Devon Welsh photo by  Sarah O’Driscoll)

Hi! We shot this video in Montreal with Neil Corcoran. We used his camera as well as my friend Kyle's camera. It's very home-made, shot quickly. I mainly believe in videos as an expression of the artist(s) themselves, and this is the video I wanted to make. It's not flashy or spectacular, but I think it does the mood of the band justice, which is most important to me. In any case, I made it myself so that it feels good to put it out.- Devon Welsh
Above : Earlier today, the new video for Majical Cloudz' "Silver Car Crash" (taken from the upcoming 'Are You Alone',) premiered via Paper Magazine. Majical Cloudz are playing NYC's Nation Sawdust on October 21. Tickets are available here. Preorder 'Are You Alone?' from The Matador Store, iTunes or Amazon. Majical Cloudz online : official site Facebook Twitter Instagram Soundcloud

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